Group Health Insurance Plan

Update as of 6/01/2020:

The NCCA Group Health Insurance is in a transition period as the group moves to a different organizational structure to comply with Medova guidelines. Everything has been submitted for the approval and we are currently waiting for notification when we can start enrollment. Please contact Mark Ritchie, 614-214-8334, if you have any questions. 

Group Health Insurance Plan

This page contains the latest information as of October 16, 2019.

The Latest Information will be found on this Page. This page is expected to be updated frequently as this plan launches and develops.  


Guess What?! The North Carolina Chiropractic Association (NCCA) has found an affordable health insurance option specifically designed for chiropractic physicians in North Carolina and their staff

provided through Medova Health Care.  


This group health insurance -- Lifestyle Health Plans -- is exclusively available to 

NCCA member chiropractic physician employers and has 

the following features:

  • Check out this one-page informational flyer. 
  • Available to employer groups as small as two employees (unlimited maximum employees), Chiropractic physician practice owner(s) are counted in the number of employees.
  • Spouses in a family-owned practice are considered two employees with completion of separate applications for coverage.
  • All plans offered are fully funded insurance plans, and
  • All plans meet Affordable Care Act guidelines and qualify as creditable coverage.

Rate Information 

  • Sixteen different benefit levels are available to meet a wide range of benefits needs and premium ranges (when you apply, all sixteen benefit plans are quoted for your convenience, along with the ancillary plans).
  • Click here for a sample quote package.

Application Process 

Starting December 1, 2017 member doctors may now apply for group medical insurance through the NCCA Group Health Plans. Enrollment remains open year round. 


If you are interested in obtaining a quote please fill out the three forms below.

1. Employer Health Application- only one of these needs to be filled out per business.

2. Employee Health Application- only one per employee.

a. *Spouses working in the same business are considered two employees.

3. Employer Disclosure Form-

a. Leave the "Plan Sponsor line" on page 3 blank for administrative use.


You may return completed forms to fax: 614-553-7763

If you have specific questions you may contact Agent Mark Ritchie at 614-214-8334.

Frequently Asked Questions


Has the enrollment period ended?

 No, you can enroll anytime throughout the year.


Once I send in my application how long until I get a quote?

If the application comes in complete, the turn around time is usually 6-10 days.

If the application comes in incomplete, this will lengthen this time.

Also, November through January may take a couple of weeks due to this peak period.


I’m a busy person, will it actually save me money?

 While we can’t speak for everyone, a lot of our members have found that they can get the coverage they want at a lower rate than they were paying previously. One member let us know they are saving over $1000 a month with this new plan.

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