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"The North Carolina Chiropractic Association is a professional service organization providing a unified voice for all its members. It is dedicated to promoting chiropractic through public awareness, quality post-graduation education, legislative efforts, and securing equality in the health care arena. These collective efforts assure continued growth of the profession, ultimately improving the overall well-being of North Carolina citizens through chiropractic." 


We tirelessly promote the interests of our member doctors and the chiropractic patients they serve. Everyone has a personal chiropractor.

We will find strength by focusing on what we have in common as doctors of chiropractic, thereby creating the unified voice described in our mission statement. As an organization, that will be "future-focused". 

Service and Leadership:
At the NCCA, serving our members is our first priority. The NCCA Board of Directors, an elected board of volunteers, determine the direction of the NCCA. The NCCA Staff keeps the association running by executing board initiatives, offering education opportunities, hosting events, and continually improving member services. 

Governing Doctrines:
The governing doctrines of the NCCA are the By-Laws and the Code of Ethics. The NCCA Bylaws are the governance documents that define roles, responsibilities, purpose and duties of the organization.
The NCCA PAC is the legislative division of the NCCA. 
The history of the NCCA includes the early legislative efforts that led to our current scope of practice with in the State of North Carolina.
  • The North Carolina Chiropractic Association was founded in 1917.
  • Enactment and Jurisdictions of Chiropractic in North Carolina 1917.
  • The North Carolina Chiropractic Association was incorporated on October 14, 1921.

Chiropractic Colleges and Universities

You should not choose a chiropractic college the same way you chose your undergraduate school;by focusing on location and major. Chiropractic programs are distinctly different from one another and selection is much more complicated. You will want to review the elements that go into a chiropractic education and choose a program that best matches the things you value in your chiropractic future.


Click here to view the list and contact information for all chiropractic education institutions in the United States.




North Carolina Chiropractic Association

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