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Join us in the Fight Against Opioid Addiction 

The NCCA has officially launched a statewide public relations campaign highlighting
chiropractic as an effective alternative for prescription opioids. 


Click below to download the powerpoint from the Chiropractic Opioid Summit, taught by Dr. Scott Musterman. 

Action Steps to Support the Cause:

  1. Campaign Overview
  2. Educate Yourself on the Issue
  3. Spread the Word
  4. Patient & Community Engagement

About the Campaign 


This PSA is being aired across the state of North Carolina through multiple forms of media. 


This campaign is being closely monitored for engagement and will be modified accordingly throughout the year. 


Our goal is to educate the public about ways chiropractic can help people avoid opioids to treat pain. 


Helpful Resources on the Issue 


What Other Providers are being told:


Spread the Word 

Please do any or all of the things below to help add value to the campaign.

The more people who know, the more lives we can save!

Follow us on our social media accounts and re-share our posts and videos.

  • Like and follow our Facebook Page. Remember to share our posts!
  • Follow us on Twitter. Re-tweet us!
  • Use #StoptheStatsNC #ChooseChiropractic and #ChiropracticFirst

Add this video to your website:


Here are some graphics to share on social media, credit to F4CP. 

With NCCA Logo: Family Graphic | Bride Graphic | Grad Graphic

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Engage your Patients and Community 


Unfortunately, almost everyone knows someone that has been affected by the opioid crisis.

Help your patients understand chiropractic's role in preventing opioid abuse.

  • Here is a campaign flier you can hang in your office with a summary of why this is important.
  • Here is an infographic flier from NCDHHS about the crisis in North Carolina.

Do you have a patient that was saved from opioid abuse by chiropractic?

We are looking for testimonials for the next phase of our campaign. Please let us know if you do, but remember to respect their privacy and follow HIPAA guidelines.


Please be vigilant in your community. If there are any events going on regarding fighting opioid abuse, please let the NCCA know. We want to be a resource to you and we want to position you as a resource in your community.



*See below for other NCCA Campaigns.

Statewide Chiropractic Public Awareness Campaign


Click here to view and share the chiropractic articles with your patients:



People's Choice Award Voting

Will you be the 2018 NCCA People's Choice Award Winner?

It's up to your patients! Copy the link below and get the word out to your patients to vote for you! 

Copy and paste this link into e-mail and social media to encourage your patients to vote!





Simply share the link on any platform and ask your patients to vote for you. 

They will need to know your first and last name and the city you practice in to vote. 

Also, they will have an opportunity to share their stories as well. We want to hear success stories,

inspiring stories, and any story that patients have about how chiropractic has helped them. 


Voting will run until August 1, 2018.

This is a great way to promote chiropractic and teach patients to share their story! 

Note: Only NCCA members in good standing with a current state license are eligible for this award. 

Chiropractic Branding

Who's Your Chiropractor?  


Did you just watch the video above? If not, do it now!

The NCCA is very excited to re-launch the state-wide public awareness campaign for chiropractic. This video is already playing state wide through digital outlets and can also be used as a PSA on local TV stations!

You can help!

Do you want to spread public awareness of Chiropractic? (Of course you do!). Here are some ways you can boost the message and things you can do to get the most out of this campaign:

  • Share this video on your business and personal Facebook pages!
  • Click here to go to our Facebook page. Be sure to like our page while you are at it!
  • Copy this link. Post and tweet it with the hash-tag #whosyourchiro or #whosyourchiropractor.
  • All chiropractors are welcome to put this video on their website, LinkedIn page, etc. Get the word out! Everyone has a spine and can benefit from Chiropractic Care.  

 **If you have any connections with local TV or Radio stations, let us know!

We  would like to get this into their PSA database to be played all over the state. Please reach out to them and find out how we can submit this to them and then e-mail us at 



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