Code of Ethics
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1. The Chiropractic Physician shall accept the obligation to conduct himself, both individually and collectively, in a manner calculated to maintain the highest level of professional and ethical conduct by utilizing the Code of Ethics as a standard to assist in determining the propriety of his conduct in relation with patients, colleagues, and members of other health professions, and the general public.


2. Acceptance or rejection of any patient remains within the discretion of the Chiropractic Physician, however, once a case is accepted, the patient shall neither be abandoned nor neglected under any circumstances in an emergency; nor shall a Chiropractic Physician withdraw from a case without giving the patient sufficient notice to permit the patient an opportunity to secure other health.


3. The Chiropractic Physician shall honor the doctor-patient confidence which shall remain in all cases the exclusive province and privilege of the patient, no information being divulged without the express authority of the patient.


4. The Chiropractic Physician shall neither exaggerate nor minimize the condition of his patient nor shall the Chiropractic Physician offer false hope or treatment not reasonably calculated to improve the patient’s condition. 


5. The Chiropractic Physician shall not hesitate to seek additional health care consultation whenever advisable or requested to do so by the patient.


6. The Chiropractic Physician should administer principles of Chiropractic treatment only where reasonably calculated to improve the condition of the patient, and should readily refer all other cases to such health care professionals as may be more reasonably calculated to more properly or successfully treat the patient.


7. The Chiropractic Physician should submit all professional, ethical, or organizational disputes between or among other Chiropractic Physicians to the Ethics Committee and shall be bound by their decision.


8. The Chiropractic Physician shall by attendance at professional seminars, reading professional literature, and by all other reasonable means, avail himself with the latest scientific knowledge, skills, and procedures of his profession in order to best serve his patients. He should use meticulous care in the exercise of his skills and diligence in the application of his education and experience.


9. The Chiropractic Physician shall not comment, directly or indirectly, on professional services rendered by another Chiropractic Physician or another health care professional except before duly constituted professional bodies of inquiry or in public proceedings of a judicial nature.


10. The Chiropractic Physician shall abide by all of the laws and regulations pertaining to or relating to the practice of chiropractic.


11. While educational or collective-type advertising may be permissible, the Chiropractic Physician shall not advertise in any form that may be construed as false, misleading, deceptive, fraudulent, or in violation of the laws of North Carolina or the rules of the North Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners.


12. The Chiropractic Physician shall neither solicit the patient of any other chiropractor nor represent as possessing exceptional skills, qualifications, or achievements which would tend to elevate the Chiropractic Physician above other colleagues.


13. It shall be the duty of the Chiropractic Physician to reveal to the Ethics Committee any illegal, unethical, or incompetent conduct of fellow Chiropractic Physicians which is brought to the member’s attention.


14. The Chiropractic Physician shall not participate in any division of professional fees other than those based on actual services rendered.


15. Any fee charged by a Chiropractic Physician shall be reasonable and shall compensate the Chiropractic Physician for services actually rendered, but no person shall be denied chiropractic care solely because of financial hardship.


16. The Chiropractic Physician shall not bill third parties for chiropractic services rendered to the Chiropractic Physician’s parents, spouse, or dependent children.


17. The Chiropractic Physician shall freely share scientific and professional knowledge with other Chiropractic Physicians and other members of the health care arts in order to maximize the benefit of all the people.


18. No code or set of rules can be framed which will particularize all ethical responsibilities of Chiropractic Physicians in the various phases of professional life. The enumeration of obligations in the Code of Ethics is not exhaustive and does not constitute a denial of the existence of other obligations, equally imperative, though not specifically mentioned.


19. Illegal, unethical, or incompetent conduct shall be in violation of the Code of Ethics.


20. Violation of this Code of Ethics may be just cause for suspension from the North Carolina Chiropractic Association membership. 

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