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Please note: If you do not want to register online, you can join the NCCA by filling out the Membership Application form and faxing it to 919-832-0612.


The tax-deductible portion of your annual NCCA dues has been calculated to be 80%. The non-deductible percentage is 20% and relates to our lobbying activities. Please contact your tax attorney and or accountant for clarification. Sources:


NCCA Membership Types

The NCCA membership year is January 1st through December 31st.  




All-Inclusive NCCA Membership

This includes:

  • Free Convention of your choosing (Spring or Fall)
  • Staff membership
  • 1 month classified ad posting of choice

To benefit from these perks contact



DC Member



Additional DC in your office



Recent Graduate or Newly Licensed DC


Recent Graduate or Newly licensed DC: 2nd year


Recent Graduate or Newly licensed DC: 3rd year



Student Member*^

Enrolled in CCE approved college


Non-Resident Member*^

Licensed DC Living outside of N.C.


Non-Practicing Member*^

DC not in practice


CA/Staff Member*^

Transferable; covers all CAs in a practice. Must be attached to the DC membership.



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